With salary cap set to shrink, carryover carries more weight than ever

Before the 2011 CBA, teams had to jump through all sorts of hoops to carry excess cap space from one year to the next. As of 2011, the process became as easy as flipping a switch.

This year, the switch-flip from cap carryover carries more weight than ever before.

The NFL Players Association recently listed the team-by-team amounts of carryover. They are listed below, by most to least.

Browns: $30.4 million.

Jets: $26.7 million.

Cowboys: $25.4 million.

Jaguars: $23.5 million.

Eagles: $22.8 million.

Patriots: $19.6 million.

Broncos: $17.8 million.

Washington: $15.8 million.

Dolphins: $15.2 million.

Lions: $12.8 million.

Bengals: $10.8 million.

Texans: $9.2 million.

Colts: $8.3 million.

Chargers: $8.1 million.

Bears: $7 million.

Rams: $5.7 million.

Cardinals: $5 million.

Chiefs: $5.1 million.

Steelers: $5 million.

Giants: $4.8 million.

Buccaneers: $4.6 million.

Vikings: $4.5 million.

Panthers: $4.3 million.

Saints: $4.1 million.

Bills: $3.8 million.

Packers: $3.7 million.

Raiders: $3.6 million.

Titans: $2.3 million.

49ers: $1.9 million.

Falcons: $1.8 million.

Seahawks: $956,000.

Ravens: $587,000.

These amounts will be added to the baseline salary cap for 2021, whatever it may be. So no team will know the exact amount of cap space available until knowing the 2021 cap. Obviously, however, some teams will be in much better shape than others.